Levels & Classes : Japanese Language Classes

At JCTIC, we offer lessons that taught students young or old to READ, WRITE & SPEAK Japanese Language. Our syllabus comprises of Grammatical and Sentences structure(s). Students are taught proper and correct pronunciation of each Japanese characters. Native Japanese speaker is normally being used to taught students, however depending on situation and needs, local teachers are employed. Long distance classes are also conducted, via skype or any form available/suitable.

Levels & Subjects

JCTIC offers the following levels:

  1. Introduction
  2. Beginner 1
  3. Beginner 2
  4. Intermediate 1
  5. Intermediate 2
  6. Intermediate 3
  7. Advance 1
  8. Advance 2
  9. Advance 3

JCTIC offers the following Subjects:

  1. School Holidays Programme - Aim for Primary and Secondary Students during school holidays


We offer the following types of classes:

  1. General Classes
    • Part Time Basis
    • Full Time Basis*
  2. Weekend Classes
  3. School Holiday Programme
  4. Private Individual / Private Group lessons

1. 'General Classes @ Part Time Basis' options:


  • Morning: 11.00am-1.00pm (2 hours)*
  • Afternoon: 2.00pm – 4.00pm (2 hours)*
  • Evening: 5.50pm – 7.20pm (1 ½ hours)
  • Late Evening: 7.30pm – 9.00pm (1 ½ hours)


  • 3x weekly at Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 2x Weekly at Tuesday, Thursday

Unfortunately, currently 'General Classes @ Full Time Basis' are not available and subject to demand, requests and availability.

2. 'Weekend Classes' options:


  • Afternoon: 2.00pm – 4.00pm (2 hours)
  • Afternoon: 3.00pm – 5.00pm (2 hours)


  • Saturday Only
  • Saturday & Sunday

3. 'School Holiday Programme' options:

Time, Schedules & Syllabuses are normally customized to suit the school holiday periods which varies from time to time. Normally, syllabus are more towards 'Introduction level'. Please check our News and Announcement page for 'School Holiday Programme' updates.

4. 'Private Individual / Private Group lessons' options:

Time, Schedules & Syllabuses are normally customized to suit this course. This course is normally on demand basis. This is to cater to some people who needs a very 'special attention', or need a 'very quick and urgent' method or 'specialized lessons' (e.g. for example Tourism or Technical field, sudden preparation trip to Japan, etc). This requests can sometime not only include 'the learning of Japanese Language' but also culture and various skills (e.g. Tea Ceremony, Ikenobo, etc). Please contact us for further information.


*Options are only upon request and are subject to availability of classrooms and teachers.

Classes can be conducted via SKYPE or any form of tele conference. JCTIC has conducted classes via long distance.

Classes are held only if minimum students are achieved (min. 5 person) and as many as 7-8 person, maximum in a class.

In the case of Public Holiday(s), replacement classes will be conducted. All courses fee are inclusive of textbooks, unless stated.

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